Saturday, July 21, 2007

Walhi: Governor Aceh, Immediately Implementation Plan Moratorium

Banda Aceh - WALHI Aceh assess Governor plan Governance Of Aceh of Drh. Irwandi Yusuf to go into effect Moratorium or interval cut away in Forest Aceh still only limited to governmental campaign and discourse of Aceh in developing trust of public, governmental therefore aceh have to immediately terminate Discourse of Moratorium this Forest with step and action of implementation, otherwise public will become to tire of and doubt of governmental comitmen.

Campaign of Moratorium Forest Aceh which is frequent to be buzzed by Drh. Irwandi Yusuf at event appointment of regent and mayor in Provinsi Aceh some times then not yet expressed big step to be done by government in Forest Aceh reform, because legal forestry permit discourse and illegal only one of the slice of complicated problem of forest of aceh.

According to view of Walhi Aceh, plan Moratorium Forest Aceh represent big scenario in saving of forest of aceh which must be done by government of provinsi later;then of followed by government of town and sub-province. To facilitate plan of moratorium this of field in detail and do not happened doubt to its executor hence Governor have to specify Moratorium Forest Aceh in the form of regulasi or policy of government of provinsi or insist on Parliament Aceh (DPRA) to authenticating it in the form of Qanun, so that there are rule of law in execution of Moratorium.

Plan of Moratorium Forest Aceh have to entangle public widely, do not only On duty Forestry, but Sectoral On duty related to management of natural resources, and society around forest, public and also widely which is have importance to forest of aceh.

Moratorium or interval cut away is stop or coagulation whereas all activities hewing of big and small scale wood (industrial scale) certain for the time being until a condition of which is wanted to be reached. a period to goning into effect of moratorium is usually determined by how long time required to reach the condition.

According to Walhi Aceh, in general plan Moratorium or forestry reform of aceh done with step which is structure, first, started with stop of expenditure of new permissions, both, execution of test totally industrial performance of forestry, third, saving of most threatened forests, fourth, stop whereas all deforestation and solution of potential problems, fifth, prohibition order hewing in forest of aceh.

To fulfill requirement of wood to big industry can use Import wood mechanism, while to answer the demand of domestic requirement or household can fulfill to through scheme of community arranged logging and observed tightly and adapted for requirement of household.

For that Walhi Aceh, urgent of Governor Governance Of Aceh of Drh. Irwandi Yusuf to immediately to discontinue discourse of Moratorium Forest Aceh, but immediately do implementation step by releasing moratorium regulasi and compile step of moratorium in detail. Do this implementation step have to immediately done by Government before public doubt of forest moratorium comitment of aceh. (end).

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